Iris Scanner
Security is our #1 Goal. The only way to get into your safe deposit box / vault is with an Iris Scan. We have top of the line Iris Scanners that are setup to identify who you are. No one but you will have access to your valuables. Only you will have the key to your safe deposit box, further ensuring that only YOU will have access to your secured valuables.
Safe Deposit Box
Keep all of your valuables safe, like jewelry, old family heirlooms, and other personal keepsakes. Keep these valuables safe and secure from theft, home burglary, and home or property damage by storing them in our secure steel boxes with YOUR WON PERSONAL KEY. ONLY YOU HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR VALUABLE BELONGINGS.
We are obligated to you, and with all respect will under no circumstances report anything that you store in our vault to anyone. We will not disclose your name or any other personal information to anyone without your express permission. Want to keep your valuables secret? Then this is the secure vault for you. WE WANT TO KEEP EVERYTHING SECURE FOR YOU.
Who we are!

We are personal property security professionals with over 20 years of business experience, specializing in security and financial responsibility. Rest assured that when you bring your belongings to us, we take the utmost pride in keeping your items safe and secure.

Our Testimonials

"I have been doing business with Vault 4 Rent for years, and will continue to return to them. They always treat me like I am someone special, and deserve to be treated respectfully."(A.H. customer since 2013)

"The employees at Vault 4 Rent have always treated me with respect, and looked out for my best interest" (P.V customer since 2013)